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One-Line Bio

2 homeschooling mothers (moms, mums) from opposite ends of the Earth who somehow both ended up in Mississippi.


Kim, an Australian, and Sue, an American (from Louisiana), both homeschool their little darlings in the great State of Mississippi.

Spurred on by friends (and foes) saying, "You homeschool? How do you...? Don't you think...?, Where do you get...?, Why don't you...?" they decided to put all of their answers in one place.

Thus, Homeschooler Savvy was created.

Ask us any question you like. Sooner or later one of us will climb out from under the laundry, move the stack of books from in front of the computer, and give you an intelligent and insightful answer.


irritating kids, watercolors, food, educating the plebians, photography, scouting, sock sorting, books, gardening, new technology, snuggly animals, science gizmos and lots of other stuff