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November 27, 2007


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LA Sue

Ah, but has the Dearest Son encountered fourth grade math yet?

Aussie Kim

Actually, he's there. I think the combination of Montessori math at an early age (he got to listen to me teaching Dearest Daughter), and then the Singapore Math Kindergarden (which he loved and zoomed through), and perhaps a natural talent in that direction(?) means he is now half way through the grade 4 Singapore Math book. Go figure!


Years ago I had many friends utilizing a very well-known private school. The school taught Abeka. Everyone (EVERYONE) moaned and groaned and dreaded fourth grade math.

Now, I'm sure that not every single student had major problems. However, it was a trigger year for some.

We have been using LifePacs. My daughter was throwing fits towards the end of her third grade year and beginning of fourth grade. Yet, now she's just fine and loves it (we're just doing lots of things to reintegrate what she has already learned).

Sometimes I think it's a crap shoot.

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