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November 27, 2007


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Patti Miller

Start into it all slowly...and remember to have fun!


I would also say, "Chill out!" Don't try to recreate public school at home. When things start to get really not-happy anymore, take a step back and play a game ... or read ... or just talk.

If things are starting to escalate, that's your clue to boost the morale!


Your earth and sky link brought me directly to National Geographic, the same one as the NG link. Loved the BBC Science link.

Melissa Markham

I just found this site via WFMW. I have shared the link with my online homeschool group! Great site!

Aussie Kim

Dear Hayley,
I renamed the Earth and Sky link the Backyard Star Gazing link. It should work now. It is AWESOME if you are camping, or just simply wondering what is up there at night. You can plan ahead too!
I have subscribed to several of the ipod downloads for the science and technology programs - they make for fascinating listening.
Chat later


Relax!! Establish a routine, but don't stress over days that don't follow it. Go with the flow ... learning happens EVERYWHERE! :o)


My one piece of advice would be this: picking out the curriculum is the most overwhelming part -- once you get that taken care of, the actual "doing" of the curriculum is easy.

Aussie Kim

I agree with you! Finding the curriculum that suits you is a MAJOR biggie. Flexibility with the curriculum is also a biggie - I have also found that it's useful to look over the shoulder of friends at their curriculums - never know it might suit your kids even better, or fill a gap in your learning. However, you've gotta start somewhere!

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