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March 03, 2008


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I have always loved hand-lettering calligraphy. I wish my dd16 was more interested in it. Thanks for the inspiration and for putting so much time into this blog.

Aussie Kim

You might be surprised at how attractive a couple of different sized nibs, watercolor paper and some font alphabets left lying around are! It is SO hard NOT TO dip those nibs into the ink and play on the paper....


where do u buy this?

Aussie Kim

I buy the nibs at an art store in Memphis called ART CENTER. However, you can buy this sort of stuff online at dick blick art supply or any other art supply store like that.
Good Luck

garlic ninja

i want to know how in the world do you use this pen? i have one and all but a cant seem to figure out how to hold it so that i can write so beautifully!!!!! i hate this

Aussie Kim

Hold it like in the photo. The nib needs to be at a 45 degree angle to the direction you write. There is really no substitute for playing around with these pens to figure it out for yourself. Good Luck!

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