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    Update: via COD, ImPerceptibility made a button. It is now added to the post. Idea from principled discoery.

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June 03, 2008


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LA Sue

Let's see, was that "leaves of five, get the hives," or was it "leaves of two, kick off your shoe," or was it...

Aussie Kim

Leaves of three
Is your brain a pea?

Ted Hering

Hi, Kim,

Giving credit where credit is due, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" was by Alan Sherman. (Spike Jones recorded many novelty songs, but not this one.)


And here I thought the garlic flower was just practicing safe sex...

Aussie Kim

Dear Ted,
Many thanks for the correction! I guess I need to double check information sources on the net!

Dear Dawn,
Yes, that's immediatly what I thought as well......My kids asked me if I placed it ontop of the flower, it looks so out of place!

Dirt Dude

Dirt Dude's version

Leaves of three
Not good to wipe after a pee.

Diamond Drill Bits

I think you could have done a better try..The concept seems to be good..But the content of the topic has not up to the extent of readers..

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