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January 25, 2009


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I just heard about these and am looking at starting my oldest with them. Are you still enjoying them?

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Update on Life of Fred: My daughter is still enjoying them. I am uncertain as to how she would go on something she hasn't already covered. However, she seems to be doing well on the tests. She has finished the fractions book, and is halfway through with the decimals and percents book. She enjoys the independance of doing it herself very much.


We love Life of Fred! But, I didn't feel that it was quite complete enough. My son loves the layout and story-like qualities. I like that it is straightforward and there is very little "teaching" to be done on my part.

However, we have supplemented Life of Fred with workbooks by Key To. They go together quite nicely. The workbooks give just enough added support for Life of Fred to be a real success for my son.

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